Q & A

What is an oil extractor?
An oil extractor let people to change the engine oil (or liquid) more easily and quickly, and keep their hands clean. Its working method is to use the principle of vacuum to extract the engine oil (or liquid) by vacuum to complete the action of engine oil (or liquid) extraction.
Where can the oil extractor be applied?
Oil extractor can be applied to a variety of non-corrosive liquids, such as: engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, automatic transmission fluid, water, etc.
When do I need to use the oil extractor?
The engine oil is important to the engine, as the blood to the heart. It is mainly used for lubrication, cleaning, rust prevention, sealing, cooling and other functions in the engine. If the engine oil is not replaced after being used for a long time, it will cause engine corrosion, poor heat dissipation, and other serious consequences. In addition to the engine oil, Chuan Jiing's oil extractor can also extract various of non-corrosive liquids.
Why choose the oil extractor to change the engine oil?
The benefits of using an extraction method to change the oil are:
  1. People can change the oil by themselves.
  2. No need of professional appliances such as jacks.
  3. Keep your hands cleaner.
  4. It can avoid the leakage of the oil pan due to the long-term disassembly and the breakage of the oil pan hole or screw.
Who will need the oil extractor?
Automobile & scooter repair shops, outboard engine owners, DIY hobbies, etc.
How to operate the oil extractor?
  1. Make sure that the car engine is turned off. Open the hood of the car and pull out the engine oil level gauge.
  2. Prepare the oil extractor and connect the extraction tubes.
  3. Insert the extraction tube into the oil hole and confirm whether it reaches the engine oil pan.
  4. Press the vacuum suction handle 4-6 times (manual extractor) or open the air valve (pneumatic extractor). Wait for a few minutes until all the used engine oil is extracted out.
  5. Record the amount of the used engine oil extracted from the engine.
  6. Pour the used engine oil to the oil recycling container.
  7. After 10-15 times of use, the oil extractor can be cleaned with some diesel. (Do not left diesel in the oil extractor).